Board Members


Is a Care Home Proprietor and a qualified social worker with extensive experience in the charity, local authority and private sector. He has been an active member of Sandys Row Synagogue all his life. He is the son of the late Louis Brookarsh, a former President of the synagogue. Nigel is committed to ensuring Sandys Row continues to be used as an active place of worship as well as an educational and cultural centre.


Is the current president of Sandys Row. His association with the building was originally through marriage, his wife has been a lifelong member of the synagogue and her family have many generations of history with the building. Harvey spent six years living in Israel, where he was a member of a kibbutz and served in the IDF. He worked as a market trader for fifteen years and then joined a wholesale outdoor clothing company as a Sales Director. He recently retired and now spends his time as a volunteer at Harefield Heart Hospital alongside running tours and events at the historic Sandys Row Synagogue as well as walking tours of Jewish East London. Harvey has been married for thirty-six years and has two children.


Works at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Michael is one of the wardens at the synagogue. He has been a member for sixteen years and a member of the board for the past decade.


Is a lifelong member of Sandys Row Synagogue, her great uncle was the president and she is a member of one of the original Dutch founding families. Rose grew up and still lives in East London. She worked as a teacher then a head teacher in the area for thirty-eight years. Now retired, she is an active member of the board. She runs tours of the building and manages the history and archive heritage projects at the synagogue. She is married and lives in Wapping with her husband John.


Is a Chartered Accountant and the Treasurer of Sandys Row. He has been a board member for ten years and a member of the synagogue all his life, he had his Barmitzvah in the shul, his father was a past president of Sandys Row and his family can trace back their membership to the 1850s. He lives in North London with his wife, he has two children, one lives in South Africa and the other in Spitalfields they are both members of the Sandys Row Synagogue.


Is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and listed, on the London Stock Exchange, four oil and gas producing companies over the past forty years. Back in 1987 when dwindling membership meant the synagogue was under threat of closing down David started a solid Mincha service four days a week, which has dramatically increased in numbers over the years and has helped rejuvenate the synagogue. David has put 30 years of dedication into keeping the Mincha services going.


Is now retired but worked as a secretary for many years in the jewellery business in Hatton Garden. She then became a self-employed bookkeeper. She has a great affinity towards the synagogue her Great Grandparents, parents and uncle were all married at Sandys Row.