Corporate Membership

We are extending an invitation to your company to support our ongoing and proud story, ensuring that generations to come will benefit from our unique place of worship.

What we are offering your company:

For a small annual fee Jewish employees at your company would have full membership of Sandys Row Synagogue (not including burial rights) subject to the rules and regulations of the office of the Chief Rabbi.

This includes:
• Attendance at all services including the High Holidays;
• Have their wedding at Sandys Row;
• Hold their childs’ bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah at the synagogue.

There would be no charges incurred as the costs would be covered by your corporate contribution.

Your company name and logo will appear on all of our literature, our website and on our corporate membership board within the synagogue if you desire.

Why are we asking for your help?

To enable us to keep our building open as a place of worship for all who have the need to use the synagogue;
As part of an investment in the community we look to engage local authorities,
schools nationwide and institutions all wanting to include our historic building as part of their curriculum;
As part of our own fund raising exercise we are in the process of converting part of the upper floor of the synagogue to office accommodation which we intend to let on a commercial rent. The income from this venture will help us with our general expenses.

All board members, honorary officers etc. work on a voluntary basis.

We do not have any staff other than a part time secretary.

If you would be interested in becoming part of our future please contact:
David Collins (Trustee)
T: 020 7430 0964
Registered Charity No: 1136453

“ It was a family synagogue, they used to call it the Dutch Shul. All my late husband’s family were members. He was the president, his uncle was the president, I think the grandfather was president.”

Pamela Freedman